my parents decided to double up for my birthday present since they got divorced so i could get something quality and not two crappy gifts. combined i'd say they're willing to spend about $600, which is great, because back when they were married and shared a bank account, it'd probably be about half that. so the best thing i could come up with is a tube combo, and i'd REALLY like a new amp. as far as wattage goes, it won't have to get too loud, as i'm not in a band. right now i use a 40W solid state, and it's not exactly satisfying me; i also don't get the volume on it past 3, so the tube won't have to get up near 40W. i'm just wondering if there's any tube combos that are worth getting at this price? everyone i see someone asking for a tube amp in this range, everyone starts telling them about the nice amps that are 'only about $300 more', and i can't go that high. so, any suggestions?
oh, and i don't play metal, i suppose the heaviest i'd get would be led zeppelin, maybe slightly heavier, but i've got pedals. i just want something with a nice tone on its own that doesn't need pedals to sound nice when it's distorted, and can sustain well, etc. An amp that can stand well on its own. the amp i've got now needs pedals to sound good.
oh, and cleans aren't a problem, i can use my old amp for those. sorry for the incredibly long message.
Peavey classic.
Good cleans, good OD, you get the best of both worlds.
Get it used though.
Call me Wes.
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