I have an essay due Friday about the similarities and differences of themes from Catcher In The Rye and The Graduate (the movie). I have read the book and watched the movie but I am not really good at analyzing these sort of things so I am asking for some help from people have read the Catcher and watched the Graduate (I would assume most people). Here is the instructions:

One of the reasons we watch "The Graduate" is because it mirrors a lot of the same themes and ideas expressed by Holden in Catcher in the Rye. Select 3-4 different scenes or quotations from "The Graduate" and explain how they are parallel scenes from "The Catcher in the Rye". This essay should NOT be a list of "this is similar and different". Analyze the evidence and ask yourself "so what?"

Here is my problem. I understand it, but I just can't really dig that deep into it. Here is some things I was thinking:

After Ben graduates college he doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life
Holden doesn't know what to do with his life but he hasn't finished college succesfully

It seems as if both Ben and Holden are just looking for someone to love and care for them. Ben unsuccessfully looks for this in Mrs Robinson as well as Elaine. Holden doesn't really have anyone except for maybe Phoebe.

these are pretty half baked ideas so I need your insights and thoughts on the similarites and differences of these two pieces. Any help I can get is greatly appreciated.
was holden the one in catcher? i dont remember... anyway i dont think the guy in catcher was looking for someone to love him, i think he was looking more so for a family or something along the lines of that.... honestly i dont see the similarity between catcher n the graduate at all
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There's similarities there, but some of them are pretty weak.

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Um... I wouldn't call them very similar at all... Ben and Holden are both unsure as to what they want, but they're at different stages in their lives, are unsure for different reasons, and reach different conclusions. The graduate is more about the ambivalence of the 60's than anything else, while Catcher is about Holden coping with his difficult childhood.
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I haven't watched The Graduate, but I've read Catcher and you are sort of right on those two points.
On your point about him looking for someone to love him, Phoebe is a bad example. Because Phoebe already loves him. I think it's more of him feeling alienated from the world, and feeling like he's left to fend for himself. He also has a strong hate towards many things in the world, and how unfair things are.
He also wants to make things right, if you remember the part about him talking about how he wants to be the catcher in the rye, and pick people up as they fall off some cliff or something like that.

Oh, and Holden isn't really looking for love, he's in a existential crisis kind of thing. Trying to figure himself and the world out.
Focus on all those little events, those "insignificant" things that get magnified in the book. Like the part where he meets the 2 nuns, and how he talks about how they will never "go to any place swanky" or something like that. All those tiny events really give you an insight to Holden's personality and such.

That's all I got, good book btw.