Now that I've got a job that pays some good money, I can finally fulfill my desires of a five string Schecter Stiletto.
I'm not quite sure which type to go for though.
I was originally thinking I'd just get the Custom, which is the most basic, and cheapest one ($550).
Then I looked at the Elite, which is neck-through and only $600.
Finally I checked out the Studio version, which is neck-through like the Elite, plus has a 3-band active EQ rather than the usual 2-band for Stilettos. It's $650.

Soooo basically it comes down to whether or not the extra features are worth the extra money. I'm thinking I'll just wait a little longer and get the Studio, seeing as how I want my next bass to be as versatile as possible. Do you guys think the Studio is worth the extra money?
haven't played the studio but i know the elite and custom are ballin'

(yes i did just use that word in a sentence not related to basketball or rap music)
not really, the elite is neck through and thats about the only big difference, but since the custom has six bolts its pretty durable, and i didn't notice that much of a difference, its mostly aesthetic, color of the parts(gold vs satin gold) the inlay (one dot on the 12th, offset dots) and the paint job, and i think the custom looks so much nicer in all those areas, they both have the same bridge, nut, pickups, body, length, fretboard

i would say just go with the custom, unless someone can tell you if the studio's 3 band eq is worth it
I play a studio 5 and I've been loving it. 3 band EQ lets your tone know no bounds. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable 5 string. I enjoyed playing the elite as well but the extra 50 bucks was worth it imo.