OK, so I recently bought my new zoom G2.1U effects pedal. In the package, Cubase le came with it. I've got to the hang of it so far, and have a pretty good idea on how to make some kick ass tracks.

But, I was wondering how you change the file types of Cubase. For example, if I wish to send the songs i record directly onto the computer to my mates and rels, and they don't have cubase, I don't expect them to go out and spend a mint on Cubase. The kind of file types I'm thinking of is mainly mp3, and preferably not midi.

Any help would be great...

Phew, long post.
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Do you mean you want to send it to other people to see in a multi-track? Or do you just want to send them the song so they can hear it as it is?
Thanks dude, that was quick.

I'm such a nong some times...

Stupid nub question: when I press export it comes up with an error message saying: the left and right locaters must be set. any help?
You see in your edit window where it shows the time ruler at the top? You set your start and end points up there (an arrow will show up for each and the area in between will be highlighted).

Im sorry if that's a little confusing, but I don't know how to word it better because I don't personally own Cubase.
Maybe try highlighting what you want to export with the selector tool? I duno, I'm sure somebody who frequently uses Cubase will be able to give you a proper answer if that doesn't work.
you gotta select it using the little marker at the top of the page, drag it over the whole project then go file>export>audio mixdown, something like that...
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