Many people don't get high their first time. I didn't until my third.
Dont smoke weed...

Weed is bad...It can really affect you horribly in two ways...

The first negative effect of marijuana is memory loss...

The second negative effect is...




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Tell your friend he's a complete retard. I've known kids who got sick from trying smoke with a joint made of normal paper.
The first time I tried it properly I was high as a kite (although I had tried it previously several times, but mostly when drunk, and it barely effected my already focked state)

Maybe your friend doesnt know the proper inhale technique for smoking? Some people that dont smoke dont know how and actually just 'mouth' the smoke.
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Maybe your friend doesnt know the proper inhale technique for smoking? Some people that dont smoke dont know how and actually just 'mouth' the smoke.

That's probably a big part of it too. I had trouble inhaling my first few times.
Get him to use a bong or a glass pipe. Be careful with the pipe. If he doesn't get high, don't waste any more weed on him.
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Happens to a lot of people the first time you smoke, me included.
I've met guys who think they're got some kind of immunity, like: "wow, I'm really special and unique, I've smoked weed, and din't get high!" "Here, have toke on this." "Lulz wats happening my forehead is shrinking.!?¤"

The first time I got high with my GF, she was convinced it didn't affect her (because she'd tried before with no effect), so she was taking huge puffs and ended up incredibly baked. It was a laff.
probably didn't inhale. For some reason, I know people who don't know how to inhale.. THey think that because it's in their mouth, that means that they are getting the smoke.

Screw joints. If the guy doesn't know how to roll joints, get him a pipe. Pipes require the least amount of work, and at the same time, they kick ass.
Your body needs to develop a resistance to it in order for it to have an effect. That's why it doesn't appear to do anything the first time.
Yeah, inhale technique is huge. You have to take it waaaay deep. I had a friend that said she'd smoked several times and never got high, and I basically just told her to smoke like she was taking a deep breath of air and hold it in. She was properly ****ed.
Tell him to watch out for narcs, too. They're EVERYWHERE!!!!

Go to the ONLY drug thread.


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You gotta cough! Then you know you're gettin it. Hit it hhaaarrd, then cough, then you can just go with holding it in your lungs as long as you can.
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yeah yeah yeah. i know all this guys i just wanted to know if it didn't affect certain people at all...like they had an immunity too it

Bake your friends some nice brownies. Give him a couple too many, and after a couple hours, you can ask him again if he thinks he's immune.