I really liked it until the vocals. They should have tried something like the band Rhapsody of Fire. But the Vocals killed it.
... I liked the vocals (am I alone in this?) Overall it was decent, I'm not into power metal-ish stuff but it was very well produced.
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i didnt like the vocals at all, but i see how some poeple would love them. you pulled off your sound pretty well, though. good job.

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The vocals were very good, but unless you have 2 people live you aint gonna pull off those layered vox. anyways its very good music. the synths were used excellent although maybe a little too much? the songs were interesting tho.


ignore all the people saying they hate the vocals theyre obviously not into black or death metal
I'd say it is average. Honestly. BTW, there is only ONE cradle of filth. Nice try on the vocals, though. 5/10.