Have 2 guitars atm, they both suck in my eyes. an unknown starter guitar that has been around for longer 15+ years, its pretty much dead, it sounds like the steel string guitar effect on guitar pro =\ My 2nd is a crappy yamaha, which i bought for around 230~ AUD. it had a good sound when i bought it, but it died after a year =\. So now im looking for a decent acoustic. I'm heavily in to classical music however i want a guitar that can be used for the good old campfire. im looking to spend around 600 - 800 AUD but i don't know where to start =\. im hoping to grab that will last me for about 5 years or so. any ideas?
takamine of some sort? they make good acoustics.
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Look into a Martin D-15...I don't know about durability, because this gutiar is an all-solid wood guitar, and it will need proper care.