I've been thinking about buying one, but before I do is there anything that you notice thats wrong with this guitar? On paper it looks good, but I haven't tried it out yet. The nearest BC Rich dealer to me is in another county, but I plan on making a trip down there to see if they have any in stock to try out.

And don't give me that "bc rich is crap" bull that flys around this forum. Give me a reason on why I should buy another guitar. Don't just say don't buy it because its BC Rich. Give me a reason you know...
hmmm... looks pretty good to me... i'd say, try it out plus try out the cliche schecter hellraiser and other guitars in that price range
It actually has really good specs OFR, ebony fretboard etc i think it would be a good buy even though i dont much like the shape but its definately got good specs maybe a change of pickups?
From what I've heard its a really great guitar and your really getting alot for the money.
Those are among the best stock pickups on guitars under 1k, couples with a neck through build, an OFR, ebony fretboard etc...its going to look and sound great.

I say go for it.

However, if your in the US, look at agile. I think you might be able to save a $100 or so on similiar features.
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I looked at agile once, I might look into them again. See what they have.

So far I've yet to find a guitar in the same price range with the same features. I think it would be pretty hard to find a guitar anywhere with as many features that it has.
As far as noticing any thing wrong? The body is made of Nato.

The quality of Nato is debatable, with some continually citing that it is cheap wood (which is at least economically true) and with some stating that it sounds much like (although different than) mahogany.

With that said, you asked if anyone noticed that anything was wrong. And for a guitar with the high quality and pricey features that this guitar has, having a body made of Nato rather than Mahogany is something "off" that should be noticed.
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