Hey, I just learnt a new chord progression that goes like this but i can't figure out which key it's in. If its not in one key could anyone explain how it still sounds good without being in one key i struggle to understand that.

Its the song "bret you got it going on" by Flight of the Conchords

Verse 1 hits (4x):
Dm7 A7 Bb7 C7 A7

Chorus 1 (2x):
Dm7 A7 F G Gm7 Am7 C7 Dm7 *F

Thanks in advance
I did not see that. The B in the G chord means that the G is not in D minor. The Gm chord is fine though. Seeing as the B is flatted to give Bb.
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yeah its D minor...
A7 is made a secondary dominant (its usually minor in Dm)
and G has a major switch aswell which will had tempry tension but if it sounds good it sounds good
oh right thanks for the quick replys. My ears tell me it sounds good but from what I know of scales and theory, which isn't much, it doesn't 'fit'? Can anyone explain it or give any links to info I could read about it?
You shouldn't have to worry about it much. You say it sounds good, so go with it.
There's only that one note in the G chord that doesn't 'fit'. And you say the chord sounds good where it is. So the fact that there's that extra note in there just gives you an extra option when soloing. You'll be able to hit that note for dissonance and whatnot. Just experiment, really.
Just remember that although it doesn't fit, it doesn't mean it's wrong.