I am in very desperate need of a new amp and I'm not very smart about amps when it comes to what's good. The only shop in town just carries a bunch of SS amps. Here are the things I am looking for in an amp, suggestions are appreciated.
-All Tube
-Somewhere around 30W(or loud enough to get over a drummer, soon to be in a band)
-Max Price is $900 USD
-Pretty good cleans
-Distortion just needs to be about as heavy as UnderOATH(but I can use an OD pedal if necessary)
-2 foot-switchable channels is preferred but not a complete must I guess
-No effects needed but Reverb is always nice

Some of my favorite bands are
-Brand New
-Taking Back Sunday
-Circa Survive
-Angels & Airwaves

I've been looking at the Traynor YVC40WR, Laney VC30-112, and Orange Tiny Terror
Guys, look at what he suggested himself, don't you think the 5150 is a little bit too loud? Personally I prefer to have a low wattage one to be able to crank it.
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Yea and if it is a head it would need to be $900 with a cab included in that price.
hey i'm in the exact same position as this guy so please suggest some more amps
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Those of you suggesting a 5150 probably havent played one, he wants good cleans, which he will not get with a 5150.

I'm not too familiar with the tones of he bands you mentioned but the first amp that came to mind was the Traynor you mentioned .
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