hi all, here are some recording i have done, just me playing the guitar, not sure if you can call them songs or just me riffing or what, but would realy like it if you could give them both a listen and tell me what you think.

sorry for the myspace link but its the only way i could figure out how to upload music into a stand alone player, if anyone knows of something better please let me know

thanks james

P.S. very sorry for the poor quality

listening now...as you said its really you just riffing. Decent riffs i mean the sound quality takes away of course. Theres no stucture really. Maybe get a drum machine, and its provide some excitment to the recording, theres plenty online you can get. Still your obviously good at metal guitar, but these recordings are not gonna show it to a casual listener. I would say put these on the shelf and grind them out in to real songs before showing people. Not trying to be a dick or anything if you see where im coming from....

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And now i cant get back again....
yeah i would love to make a song but im not to sure how to put on together, i losten to music all day of all different genras and still just dont get get how to, anyone got any advice?

cheers james
honestly man, a drummer/drum machine. Until you get some kind of rhythm section, all your songs, unless acoustic are gonna sound like random riffage. I would say thats helped me the most
And now i cant get back again....
hmmm im not to sure about the rhythm section, care to expand on this?
a rhythm section is usually bass, and drums. Without theres really no beat to a song ya know? Theres easy to use drum machines on the internet that can be downloaded for free(illegally obviously) One that alot of people use on here is called Acoustica Beatcraft. It just makes song writing easier, makes the songs flow better and have a direction, when you have drums pounding away in the backround.
And now i cant get back again....
You got some pretty cool riffs in there, if you could actully make a song with them, it could quite good! The recording is pretty bad like you said, but not awful. I think you could make some pretty good songs with riffs. Some of them just seem random, if you could make a rythem out of them, then i could see you making some sweet songs!

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