Hi, I've recently bought an old Squier, and am looking to gut its electronics and rewire the new parts in series with an in phase out of phase and on/off switch. Here's what I was wondering, if there are any mod-savvy people who could answer this for me. Would it be possible to use 3 3-way toggles (with as many push pull pots as necessary) instead of 2 sets of 2 way toggles. To rephrase that slightly: I was hoping I could have a 3 3-way switches, with push/pull pot if necessary to get the same wiring set up as on this diagram, as well as including the additional tone pot. Here is a link to what the original wiring looks like: http://brianmaycentral.net/wiring.gif.
If anyone could send me a similar style drawing that shows how you could get the same wiring with different switches I would be immensely grateful.
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