I'm just learning to play guitar, currently borrowing an electric guitar and a small practice amp. I'm looking at what I would want to get when I decide to get my own gear.

I have pretty much decided that I'm going to get a agile les paul copy, but I'm not sure about the amp. I'm thinking either a Roland Cube of some level or a Epiphone Valve Junior.

However here is the kicker, I don't really need this amp to be super loud, actually if its always loud thats a bad thing, I have 8 month old twins and the only time I can really play is when they are sleeping, so will I can play at a normal volume there is no way I would be cranking an amp very often.

I'm a little confused about the EVJ does the volume knob actually make it quieter or does it just add more crunch to the sound. I was watching some YouTube videos and I couldn't really tell exactly. (Although I liked the idea of just a clean simple amp, that sounds good). Also can you run this amp though headphones and then crank it just for yourself?

So what do you think? Whats a good amp setup for my situation?
The VJ is made to be cranked, that's how you get distortion, but my VJ is loud enough for band practice, I've got it set on 9 o'clock now and that's a good bedroom volume.

If you wanna use a VJ, you'll need an OD pedal like the Bad Monkey. No headphone plugs. The Cube may be better for your situation and has a lot more versatility, but the Junior will sound heaps better.
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I agree with MrCarrot. I owned the VJ combo and it could get really loud. Also, it isn't as versatile as the Cube on its own. With pedals, it can do practically anything, but that's expensive and, if you're just starting out, it may not be the perfect way for you to go. If you are into heavy music, mostly metal, I'll give the Cube a vote. If you just play rock and blues, then the VJ and an overdrive would do the trick, or you could also look into the Vox AD15VT, which is a really awesome amp for the money
An alternative you may want to consider is the Peavey Valveking Royal 8, 5 watt tube combo w/master volume and a headphone jack. $200 USD
So then does that mean if I got the Valve Junior and put it on quarter volume I'd get a nice quiet clean sound that I could then use a pedal to overdrive and get that hard sound?

Personally I used to listen to Metallica and Ozzy, but I've changed to more of a softer rock sound now. A little more mellow I guess.

I understand that the Valve Junior gets better the more you push it, but I'm thinking the clean sound might be better for learning to play correctly and then later I'll have a nice amp.
At 9 o'clock the clean tone is wonderful. That's where mine was all the time. And yes, an overdrive will give a good sound - the VJ takes pedals really well. If I remember correctly, MrCarrot said he could get as heavy as Black Sabbath with just the VJ and his Bad Monkey.
^ Yep, that's exactly what I do. I can get RATM kinda tone now with my mini Humbucker in my Strat. Good tone at low volumes, too. The clean is brilliant, as well. Very SRV. Make sure you get the Bad Monkey with the amp though, otherwise you'll get only cleans until it's loud enough to play with a band.
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9 O'Clock seems like it would be quite loud. Lets say we are talking about a volume that is similar to TV watching volume. How would that work?
I play my VJ ever so slightly louder than my TV most often, but it can easily be turned down. The cleans get real tasty when you absolutely crank the amp but keep the volume low with your guitar control. For dirt I have it set low and the Bad Monkey at half level, full gain, 3/4 bass and 1/2 highs, and you just kick that in.
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9 o'clock isn't too loud. You can set it at about 8 o'clock if you really need to get it quiet. But really, it just depends on your idea of loud, I guess. Remember that you can also roll back the volume a little on your guitar to compensate. And I'm not sure how it would compare to TV volume, except that when I had the volume on both the TV and the Valve Jr. turned all the way up, the Valve Jr. was, of course, a lot louder. This was then followed by a severe telling-off from the parents

But just a bit less than 9 o'clock is quiet enough for practice where people in other parts of your house probably wouldn't notice even a tiny bit
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So then does that mean if I got the Valve Junior and put it on quarter volume I'd get a nice quiet clean sound that I could then use a pedal to overdrive and get that hard sound?


Take a look at the Royal 8 and the Palomino V8, too. Both amps are about the same cost as the VJ, but have tone and master volume controls (so you can get crunch from the amp at lower volumes without a pedal), and -as mentioned- the Royal even has a headphone jack.
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Ahhh thats right I can jut turn the guitar down. Sounds like the Valve Junior and the Bad Monkey would be a good inexpensive option to have a quality setup. Thanks for your help.

I like the idea of all the features on the Roland Cube but I was playing around with the Washburn Bad Dog I'm borrowing and it just made me feel like the simple one adjustment on the VJ would be plenty for me. It also sounds like the pedals are the way to go if you want to quickly switch.
slatsmania - The Royal 8 looks like a good option too. I guess I will have to go play a few of these and see what I like the best
I'd go for the Valveking Royal 8 or Palomino purely because I don't like my VJ and I assume (well it's more like hope really) that they'd be better. Fender Champ might be worth a look too if you plan on using a pedal for overdrive.
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