I don't know how to explain this, but..

When I'm using distortion, the notes seem to ring bad. This means, if I play a note, and then play another note (another fret on another string) while the first one still rings - this second note sounds bad.

So basically I can't play two notes at the same time and let them both ring, it's like I have to mute the current sound when hitting the second note.

This is only a problem when using some kind of distortion, with clean sound there's no problem I think.

Hm, made any sense?
hehe okay, thanks

(shows how good I am at this kind of things :P)

But.. every solo I play have dist, so to play them correctly I'll have to mute the previous note all the time? That wasn't necessary on my friends guitar... Maybe he didn't have the same dist. Oh well

Thanks for your replies
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It's the magic of dissonance highlighted by distortion


really, it is.

distortion adds other harmonics to the notes (usually odd harmonics I believe) which is what gives it the distinct sound, and also renders it useless for anything like open chords (usually). As the added harmonics produced screw with the intervals in the chord making it sound dissonant. The only notes that sound good under distortion when put in the same chord, are ones that lie within the frequency spectrum of the root note. Ie, the perfect intervals. You can also use 2 notes harmonised in 3rds (don't say 'but is it major or minor thirds?', because that's a silly question) and they'll sound good together, but adding more notes than that tends to turn the sound to mush.

Any other questions?
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Yeah, it's pretty annoying. On my guitar, all I have to do is touch a string while playing and it will interfere with the ones I want to play (while soloing, for an example). I use high distortion and my bridge pickup is pretty close to the strings, so it happens a lot. Distortion works like that :/.
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Hrm well you can learn how to use it over time for effect, like what chords sound good with it and how small touches in how you play orwhatever can shape a sound - just play to its advantages
Try raising your action, or lowering your pickups...or turn down your gain just a bit.

Lowering strings or raising action will either way amount to the pickup getting less of a signal.