i had a post on free ipods and was asking what everyone thought of them, and whether or not they worked. my post did contain a link, but i dnot think this should have any effect.

basically the text in my post got deleted and replaced with "kgck"

none of the comments got deleted, noone said that i was doing anything wrong (how people sometimes do when your going to get banned....) so i dont really understand... just my computer or others or is there a reason for it???
It's a scam: doesn't work, and never will do.

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not allowed to advertise.

plus they're all just scams and a lot of these scam sites have bots that randomly join forums and post links to their sites so you could have been a bot.

they'll have changed the text so that the link is erased so that people who view the thread won't get scammed.
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As long as you didn't get a warning you'll be fine. If you still of a question about it, PM one of the mods in the forum your post was in.

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So he was asking what everyone's thoughts were on it. He didn't come from a company and he proved he wasn't a bot. Free-thinking is dangerous while talking cat photos are king.
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