i ordered my Washburn Idol 66 Pro yesterday!!! http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?ItemPos=4&TempID=5&STRID=102337&Method=2&CategoryID=0&BrandID=1553&PriceRangeID=0&PageNum=0&DepartmentID=0&pagesize=10&SortMethod=3&SearchPhrase=+idol&Contains=%2Aidol%2A&Search_Type=SEARCH&GroupCode=

along with my new amp which is the new Vox AD50vt-XL it looks pretty tight....i had a ad30vt but sold it cause i had to sell my LP gibson studio to pay it off lol

besides the guitar and the amp i purchased a case for the guitar, monster rock cable which was 40 bucks for 12 feet....a lil pricey, new strap, strings, and a nice lil korg tuner. i needed a new rig for my band which we decided to start up again since we've been offered a spot to play at the hardrock live here in Orlando, FL and open for Senses Fail.....who we've opended for before anyways.... but it looks like everything is actually gonna work out now!!! im so excited
what kind of pickups come with the Washburn?
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I nearly bought that guitar a while back. Amazing for the money. I think you'll be very happy with it. The only reason I didn't was because I tried out a Tokai ls150

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Looks pretty decent. I always though silverburst finishes look bad in pictures, but are really sexy in person.