OK So when i stand on the rug, place a finger on a string or bridge, the amp makes a loud humming noise, and then i put a foot on the tile, and it clears up all the humming. this sounds like a grounding issue... and its probably my guitar doing it...anyhow i dont know much about guitar electronics or how it all works together.. so how can i fix my problem? I cant be on the tile because its outside of my jam studio room.

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yeah it sounds like a earthing problem. im no electrician so if i was you i would get it checked by a professional, you dont wanna be electricuted now do you!
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this is nothin to do with ur problem but i thought id add it anyway, when i play standing up i get an elctric shock if i touch ma tv aerial haha its quite funny likes
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Allmost every electric device is leaking more or less electricity, Thats what the ground is for, to prevent the leakage to leak into you, but as long as there is no extreme leakage there is no worry, and besides i think the is just 12 V Dc to the pups on the guitar, so there is no worrries. But if the problem is causing a loud buzz and is annoying you, you should look it up at a guitarstore or something.
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