Hey guys, I'm a total NOOB when it comes to songwriting, to be honest this is like one of three songs I've ever wrote. All I've got atm is Verse 1, Chorus and Bridge. The Verse is tiny and needs adding to.

Tell me if I should continue...


Here it is :

Do I love you?


It’s inside my head
Drilling holes right through my brain
I don’t believe in love anymore
It’s driving me insane


But I’ve got to pull through
I’ve got to get out of this nightmare
But there’s only one way out
And it’s to stand up and shout


Do I love you?
It seems to easy to say
Do I love you?
Love isn’t meant to be this way!
Gone, is it gone now?
Or was it even here before?
Do I love you…
Or am I alone for evermore?
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