so, ive been trying to get my lead playing as tight as possible, and have had it recommended that i practice with a metronome. i have a small cheap metronome, a korg that clips onto your ear, i thought at the time i bought it, it would be the most convenient, but its very quiet, and hard to mess with.

so, what kind of metronome should i look into getting? or should i look into getting software?

also, ive never really understood how exactly to practice while using a metronome, would you just put it on and count out every beat? such as holding a note for one beat, then half a beat, a quarter tied to another half and so on? because that would honeslty seem like more trouble then its worth.
You just use it so you can get your notes perfectly in time with the tempo your trying to play.
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Well, you've obviously got internet access, so use the free one at:
It works great and doesn't cost you a cent!
Since you are playing lead, find a piece you like to play and set the tempo on the metronome. Start playing along and see if the metronome coincides with what you are playing. If you are playing in 4/4 time, tick 1, 5, 9, etc should fall on the start of a new measure.
yeah, ive actually used that before, but i wasnt sure how important it was to be able to subdivide and all those fancy features and stuff.
Are you using it or playing songs or doing exercises? For songs, just set the metronome to the tempo the song is in (or lower, if it's a difficult one), and play along. If you're doing exercises, try playing 16ths (4 notes per click) and 8th note triplets (three notes per click) at a tempo you're comfortable with.
so is it better to play along with a metronome at the songs bpm, or just to play along with the song, because thats what i usually do.
The purpose of the metronome is to give a clearly defined click per beat -- without
any extraneous stuff -- so that you can more easily judge EXACTLY hitting the beat.
That's something you want to be able to control (not that you HAVE to hit the beat
exactly all the time). You really can't do that playing with the song. But, playing
with the song is better than nothing at all.
ive got mine next too me....but been sure how to use it for a while lol...

Is it you play 1 note per every "click"
or play a 4 bar, with the 4 clicks?

someone explain:S
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Depends on what you're practising.

quarter notes: one per click
eighth notes: two per click
eighth note triplets: three per click
sixteenth notes: four per click
sextuplets: six per click
Rhythm Watch or Dr. Beat if you have some money to spend. I have a really cheap one that was like $25 but it in no way fits my current needs.

Fact: It's been said before and said again, but I can't stress enough how important playing along with a metronome is. Just a few minutes ago (speak of the devil?) I was on myspace checking out clips of a local "bedroom" studio some teenager had posted. When I was listening to the first song I thought "Okay, sounds average.. but this timing is OFF!" When I messaged him and asked him if a metronome was used, he said no. I then replied "I could tell."... I was about to ask him "Did you honestly charge someone to record this?"
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