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What are some songs that you can listen to by themselves, on reapeat, over, and over again for what could be hours on end?

I've probably been listening to Tommy Emmanuel's "Angelina" for a solid 3 hours now by itself. I have no idea, but its relaxing and almost eerily beautiful *content sigh*

What songs can you listen to almost perpetually without getting sick of them?
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Lots of things:

Most Foo Fighters;
Can't Stop; (ironic methinks)
Subteranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan);

So so many more, esp when I 1st get an album.

Jimmy Eat World, 23
Smashing Pumpkins, Dommsday Clock.

I just OD on new stuff.

Paramore, For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic.
"The hope that starts the broken heart;
The trust you must confess" - Best of You, Foo Fighters
Stairway To Heaven. It's my favourite song, get over it.

Miss You, Hate You - Joe Bonamassa

Hurt - Johnny Cash

Travelin' Soldier or Landslide - Dixie Chicks

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Jimi Hendrix's "One Rainy Wish"

I swear to god there is actually a butterfly flying around in my headseat. Thats one of the few songs that I saw before I heard, if that makes any sense at all. Absolute mastery.
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@boreamor: Hell yeah for hurt
"The hope that starts the broken heart;
The trust you must confess" - Best of You, Foo Fighters
Pretty little ditty - RHCP
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Aqueous Transmission by Incubus.. Jungleland by Springsteen.. and typically anything well produced. Put on a pair of headphones and pick out all of the parts and styles in One Headlight by the Wallflowers.. its insane.

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comfortably numb - pink floyd
halcyon & on & on - orbital
into the night - santana ft. Chad kroger

the last one is on my profile first song in the playlist in about me
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dont know why but im obsessed with this song, its not my normal genre of music
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jimmy eat world - "goodbye sky harbor"
the tune you mentioned (it's freaking beautiful)
anything by the postal service
coming soon... parker fly mojo flame
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The theme to pee wees play house. Its a sonic landscape of intricated and developed harmonies and tonal bliss.
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Jimi Hendrix's "One Rainy Wish"

I swear to god there is actually a butterfly flying around in my headseat. Thats one of the few songs that I saw before I heard, if that makes any sense at all. Absolute mastery.

"Good and evil lay side by side as electric love penetrates the sky"
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halcyon & on & on - orbital


Fatboy Slim : Right Here Right Now (best song ever!)
Nine Inch Nails : The Perfect Drug
Gravediggaz : The whole 6 Feet Deep album
Flatlinerz : Satanic Verses, Live Evil
Nile : Sarcophagus, Lashed to the Slave Stick
Siouxsie and the Banshees : Happy House

probably way more, but that's all I can think of so far.
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space dimentia by muse. man it has so many elements and stuff, i guess its kind of cheating because its like 3 different songs in one
Orion - Metallica

truly a masterpiece. It's been my fav song for over a year now and listen to it 5+x a day.
So many...
{in here is the record time, approx}

Elliot Minor - Time After Time [Demo Version] {1hr 30mins}
Linkin Park - Enth E Nd {2hr}
Aiden - Moment {4hr}
Still Remains - Stay Captive {1hr}
Paramore - Misery Business {3hr}
Paramore - crushcrushcrush {2 hr 30 mins}
Elliot Minor - Jessica {5hr}
Elliot Minor - The White One Is Evil {3hr}
Linkin Park - Numb {**** knows... probly about 7-8hrs}
Linkin Park - Bleed It Out {3hr}

loads more, cba to list em
Wave of Mutilation - The Pixies
Gary Floyd - The Butthole Surfers
Sludgefeast - Dinosaur Jr.
"Lose My Breath" - My Bloody Valentine
"Only Shallow" - My Bloody Valentine
"Tinfoil" - Rainer Maria
"Broken Radio" - Rainer Maria
"The Seven Sisters" - Rainer Maria
"Someone Great" - LCD Soundsystem
"The Mixed Tape" - Jack's Mannequin
"Thursday" - Asobi Seksu
"Into Dust" - Mazzy Star
"20 Cases Suggestive Of..." - Apples In Stereo
"Chased By... I Don't Know What" - Snow Patrol
"Batten Down The Hatch" - Snow Patrol
"Little Hide" - Snow Patrol
"Iron In The Backseat" - Daphne Loves Derby
"Trompe Le Monde" - Pixies
Anything by the Strokes

...Y'know. 'N stuff.
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Right now I'm head over heels in love with Schism and Eulogy, by Tool *melts*
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Siouxsie and the Banshees : Happy House

EEE!!! I love Siouxsie And The Banshees. The song I listen to for hours is Cities In Dust.

I can't get enough of:

Human Drama - Goodnight Sweetheart
Patrick Wolf - The Libertine
Christian Death - Skeleton Kiss
Sisters Of Mercy - I Was Wrong

They're all so amazing.
little things, glycerine, chemical between us-Bush
867 5309-tommmy tutone
N.I.B- black sabbath
dear mama-tupac (brings a tear to my eye)
forgot about dre- eminem & dr dre
do you feel like we do- peter frampton (AWESOME)
wish you were here-pink floyd
black hole sun, Outshined, Burden in my hand- soundgarden
Nutshell, Would?, got me wrong, over now-AIC
Rock box- run dmc
bulls on parade, take the power back, vietnow, down rodeo-RATM
Plush, trippin on a hole in a paper heart, creep- STP
doll parts- hole
pina colada song- rupurt holmes

I probably have more, but oh well.
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel
Holy Wars - Megadeth
Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd
Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles
Great King Rat - Queen
-Green Fig-
Every Jets to Brazil song
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possum kingdom - toadies... I think it was played 250 times on my ipod after being on it for like a month =/

foo fighters - up in arms

radiohead - paranoid android

theres been others but they eventually get old...
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