In 6 and a half hours it will be 12:00 Fri 9th. Meaning its my 18th

I don't wanna grow up. Its sad to think that i have 6 hours left of childhood and all i can sit and think of is all the stuff i have done over the last 18 years of my life.

It really is depressing, especially when i think about the things that people say to you.

"Your only a kid once" - that is going to be taken away from me.

There is pros but so many cons at the same time.

What did the 6.2% pop of UG over 18 do when it was there 18th or 21st?
Im 21 ... So yeah, I can warn you, things go downhill from here.
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go out and get wankered!

I am tomorrow night, one of the pros is that my 18th is on a friday unlike my mate who had his on a Sunday.

and a girl im interested in is coming and old friends but still
Hey, it means you can vote!
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sorry to tell you dude. things tend to go downhill, but hey thats why the drinking age is 18
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im 13 5 more wholesome years of bein a child ...still have fun beig an old man
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Hey, it means you can vote!

Only in NI politics, i don't know anything about British ones. May have to becomes sophisticated and read a paper.
I missed the elction by 4 days, but if you're within 3 days, you get to vote anyway.

So I missed it by a day...

I'm 18 tho, and it seems gd. (Have bin for a while now)
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My life didn't go downhill when I turned 18. I grew up and left all the drama bull**** in high school. Unfortunately, many people I have met can't seem to do the same.
My 18th was anti-climatic and kinda boring to be honest. Half my friends had mid-terms that week, so I barely did anything. Really, it does kinda suck, but when it comes down to it, you're gonna live you your life just like you did yesterday, likely. Just have fun and hope things go well with the perdy lady. They're usually the most memorable parts of your childhood anyways, I think.

I'm 19 in a month
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You grow up when you turn eighteen?

Oh ****, I'm almost two years late...
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.
My 18th was in the middle of exams. I don't even what I did for it, probably drank.

Yeah, age is just a number, you can continue being immature for a while. That's what university is for.
you're young once
you can be immature forever

some people may call you crazy tho
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yea, it can suck doing adult things, but relax, youre getting to that age where you can be selfish and get away with it. my life has personally sucked since i turned 18 (almost 21 now) and i dont reccomend becoming an adult ever. act retarded and people will treat you like a kid. its fun.
grow up? why do that...i went to vote and honest to god i saw an 80 year old woman shooting a spitball at her firend across the room

happy birthday??
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I am tomorrow night, one of the pros is that my 18th is on a friday unlike my mate who had his on a Sunday.

and a girl im interested in is coming and old friends but still

Bah, I turn 18 on a Friday (2 weeks from now) - but the day me and my friends go out drinking is Thursday.

Which is bollocks.
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