I've got a question.
I am currently using Ernie Ball 10-46 Regular Slinky strings in standard tuning.
I want to down-tune my guitar whole step down to DGCFAd.
My questions is:
What strings should I use to get the same string tension in new tuning?
I am thinking about:
Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky (11-15-22-30-42-54) <-- they have description "Optimal for Detuning"
and Ernie Ball Power Slinky (11-14-18-28-38-48 )

Please, help me

I use "beefy slinky" strings on my iceman. I play in D, drop C, and even B.
In D or Drop C the higher strings are a bit too tensioned for me, so I would use Power Slinky!
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I drop down with no problems with 9-46s, and 10-46s. But try the set with the heavier guage bass strings.
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I used to play one step down using Rotosound Blues, and they felt perfect for it. They run from 10 to 52. Try those (assuming you're willing to switch from EB strings, of course).
I play in C standard (1 step lower than you) and i use Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky's. I think those would be slightly too tight for you.

I would go with the Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom ones. 52-10. Those would be probably the best IMO.
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