last night I was playing, doing the usual stuff and I took of my strings to sort out the action because I was starting to get quite a bit of fret buzz and my nut just popped right out of the neck.

So my question is, is their some sort of special glue that I could use to glue it back in or could I just use any old super glue?
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i wouldnt use supper glue just use regular white glue it should work fine cause you might want to take it of in the future
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my nut just popped right out


i would use a small amount of wood glue. super glue(cynoacrylate) does not hold for very long on porous surfaces.
You should talk to a doctor about that.

Wood glue
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my question to you is what kinda bass nut is it? Something like a Fender bass guitar styles nut (Not a "permanent" part of the neck), if so just use a little bit of wood glue otherwise you might gum up the first fret.

If not, well, i'm surprised that it came out, and in that case, clean off the old glue using an abrasive material (fine grit sand paper in the thousands will do), clean the spot you're gonna glue, and the nut, and then apply your glue onto both surfaces.

Once you stick them on, you'll wanna either use a clamp or something heavy-ish to hold down the nut to set overnight.
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