I'm getting an LE for christmas (I believe).

Just one question, how does one connect it to their computer to use the software?

These go to eleven...
I don't own one, but my guess would be that the most likely way would be USB, seeing as pretty much all PCs have USB ports these days.
yeah, i own one and i went out and bought a little gadget called the M-audio Uno and it is a midi device that you can use to connect the tonelab to your computer via usb. There is an editing software available on the website which is really helpful and you can download patches other people have made. The M-audio Uno is about 30$ and guitar center or sam ash or wherever you go to buy equipment should have it. Good luck and have fun with it, its great!
Yeah, I just had a look at the PDF manual for it, and to edit the stuff you need to connect it using the MIDI connections, meaning you need a device that lets you connect MIDI stuffs to your PC.
Cool, the Uno looks great. So I just connect the "midi in" (or out?) to my pc using that, download the program from Vox and away I go. Right?

Cheers to you, Denthúl for taking the time to look for me.
These go to eleven...