Hey there, long time no post.

Just need some recommendations for a new acoustic guitar.
I've been playing for 6 years but have never really had much experience with expensive equipment. I'm looking for a great acoustic, maybe a Martin or a Taylor or any others that anyone can recommend.

Been hard saving up but can spend at max E2,000 on this guitar. So thats like 2,000+ in USD Dollars so I believe.

Hoping to get a steel string guitar. Don't wanna get ripped off with spending all that money so I'll take some recommendations then I'll go and have a looksee in stores when I have time.

Cheers. .
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Personally I would pick a Taylor in the 3 4 or 5 series. My personal favorites the 614 but it's $3000 USD
If I were spending that much money, I'd get the Belleza Bianca Martin. BEAUTIFUL guitar...but it runs about 5,000 USD (I don't know how many Euros).

Another guitar I'd personally love to have is the Gibson "Custom Cocobolo". It runs about 3,300 USD. Just look it up on Musicians' Friend...there's plenty of great guitars out there when you're working with that much money (you bastard!).
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Those Larrivee guitars sound beautiful (from the vid's I've seen), pity that I've never seen one here in Ireland.

I'll have a look into the Taylors also.

And Blow Me... lol. Expensive selection of guitars that yah mentioned there. btw taken ages to get this money up. Gonna treat myself. Considering that I've had a Yamaha FG 413S for the past 4 years. Nice guitar but I want something much more.

Edit: Just broke high e string on my acoustic... don't think I should have dissed it. lol.
Fender American Deluxe SSS Stratocaster (2004)
Peavey Classic 50
Boss DS-1, BD-2
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You might ask CouduroyEW if he has anything he is looking to sell...he hand makes acoustics in Wales, and I think the pricing point for his guitars starts somewhere between 1000-1500 pounds. Just a thought.

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2000 Euro is more like $2900 USD

In that price range I would put some serious consideration into getting a hand-made custom guitar. If you don't want to go that route or just can't wait that long, I'd focus primarily on Martin, Taylor, Breedlove, and Larrivee. If you want an acoustic-electric I'd lean more towards Taylor and Larrivee. For the best acoustic tone, I'd go with Martin and Breedlove. I'm not sure about the availability of Breedlove guitars in Europe, but if you can find any, give them a shot for sure.

For an acoustic-electric, my specific recommendation would be something from the Taylor 700 or 800 series. So depending on what body guitar you want, something like these:


If you want just an acoustic, I'm a sucker for the tried and true Martin D-28. If you want something a little bit more trebly (some might say more like the Taylor sound, though I disagree), I'd go with the Martin D-35. Here are these two guitars:


Of course if you are more of a fingerstyle player, you're going to want an auditorium body acoustic, in which case I love this guitar:


If it ends up a little out of your price range, this guitar is no slouch either:

gibson acoustics are very good as well, and start a little over 2000 usd