When you are running an EQ pedal into your amp, where do you leave the setttings on your amp EQ? Do you just turn them all to the middle 5, or are the amp EQ's dialed in to a particular setting??
I change mine a lot, but using a 3-slider eq I usually have them at:

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it doesnt matter, its really personal preference. the way i see it, its more controls for tone shaping because you can use the EQ and the front end of your amp.
I just keep mine all on 12 oclock.... mainly because I am n00b at eqing and tone-hearing.
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It really depends on what you're going to use the EQ pedal for; if it's going to make the main bulk of your tone then I'd leave the amp EQ all on 5 but if you're going to use it for a solo boost or whatever then you should leave your amp EQ on your other tone and set the pedal so it gets you to your solo tone from the other EQ.
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