I already know the main major and minor shapes, but i can't seem to get the playing fluency in, it just sounds like i am not actually playing any notes... can you lovley UG shredders help me out?
Start very slowly.

Work on each hand movement alternately.

Make sure you sound each note cleanly.

Find a way to dampen each string before and after it has been plucked - with your left hand or right.

Don't pick each note individually, but be careful to make a sweeping, strum-like (but more disciplined) action.
and what makes you think only shredders can sweep :P
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dont play any faster than you can hit every note clearly, and as your hands learn the motion, speed will come.
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Play as slowly and as clean as possible. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT start off playing fast - as it will only lead to sloppiness. Give it a few months of practice and fluency will come with time.

Oh, and use a metronome.
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tap in sweep picking lessons, on youtube, theres a great one but cant fin it :/ its about 10 minutes long and i think it was done for guitar world?