Would anyone be willing to trade me this pedal for one that would allow me to play the blues. I got this for free, but it have never been used, with my guitar. I am a new guitarist, so i don't really know much about pedals, i just want to play mostly blues and some classic rock.
if you turn the tone down all the way and set the level at 12 o clock and dist at about 9 o clock you get a really nice blues tone out of the ds-1.

thats what i did until i got my blackstar valve overdrive pedal which absolutely blows it out of the water.

worked for me for a year or so though... its a versatile pedal. just remember you can turn things down as well as up. hope that helps....
lol, i am in the united states, and i dont know how that would work. im pretty sure with shipping costs and all, you would pay less just buying from someone there.

however, if someone is willing to give me a digitech bad monkey, i would be willing to give the pedal along with some money.