now i can kinda sweep pick i want to be able to tap rather well and tremolo pick..trem picking i always seem to slow on and tapping..i cant hear it =( any tips to help me?
With tremolo picking, the easiest thing to do is to just start on a single string, and just slowly begin to move your right hand. Practice that for a little while until it seems clean and you don't 'trip' over the string. Then try slowly playing a scale (Doesn't really matter which), from there. Just keep practicing.

I recommend "Miserlou Twist" by Dick Dale.

As for tapping, do the chromatic scale with your right (or left) hand. Hit your strings hard and emphasize the sound.
As far as the tapping make sure you are doing it like a pull off. It is not a perpendicular motion you actually bend the string a bit down(or up) try emphasizing that a bit as you get used to it.
kinda flick the string with the taps
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