been playing for little under a year on acoustic. i can do the chords and some arpeggi stuff, but i cant do lead stuff. what are some basic methods to jam that sound good?

i wanna get an electric soon and i love blues/rock (john mayer, srv, etc)...how do i begin playing like that?

sorry for the general question, i just dont know where to start
learn scales and practice them... think of runs and licks and things to add to them and just improvise around... not much to say about this......
I would start by learning pentatonic scales if your into the more blues genre, but to get good at lead guitar you need to practice, Practice and guess what... Practice! It doesn't come over night and i would recomend buying a book which specializes in lead guitar or study an artist that you like and learn step by step!
Learn all chord tones for all 12 chords.
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