I'm looking to buy my first electric guitar, and I found one I like. But, I really haven't looked that much and I'm afraid if I just choose the first one I see, I'll end up disappointed with it. What should I do?
If u dont wanna be disappointed in a few years, id invest and maybe buy something a little more expensive, as long as ur sure u wanna play guitar for a while. But if u dont have a whole lotta money, then maybe get the guitar and upgrade it when u want to.
It all depends on what type of music you are interested in playing because different guitars sound better with different gernes of music I think you should look a little longer you can go online to places like guitarcenter.com and they write reviews on equipment their and you should hear what other people think about this type of guitar especially someone that has been playing for a while if you know somebody and just make sure you do your research but I would deffintly go to guitarcenter.com to see the reviews good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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well sorry I didn't think this was guitar vs. guitar. I was only asking if I should look longer or go with the first thing that catches my eye