I got a kid at school who wants to sell me his Behringer V Tone Guitar Pack. At first I thought no but now that I sit here, I realize it'd be a good guitar/amp to tinker with and I've been wanting to make a talk box and the amp could be a possibility though I think that feedback is a possibility. I'd also have to play the amp first to see if I like it. I think I played one of these guitar packs before and if I recall, it was painful. I don't exactly remember though so I'm asking, is it worth buying it off this kid to goof around with it? He claimed to pay 250$ for it and said he'll sell it for 150$...I think he's lying because he always does. I searched for a little and couldn't find a price that hadn't been "reduced" or whatever.

What do you think? To buy or not to buy?
un reduced over here the pack costs about £90, so i'd say it cost $200 at the very most
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Don't buy. I tryed one out and didn't like it. You really get what you pay for and the amp was crap too.
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who cares if they are labled "Reduced" you can go buy a new pack now for $150 no matter what it's called. Tell him that and get him to lower the price to below $100. Honestly, I wouldn't waste the time and effort on fooling around with a behringer amp and guitar. If you want to experiement and mod, get some stuff from the junk bin of a music store, it will cost a fraction of that and be of the same quality. I'm not just behringer bashing, I have some of their stuff, but the guitar pack really does look like absolute garbage.
Why is that behringer so sexy? Like srsly.
It'd make a good ghetto talk box, if you have money to piss away then why not. And the guitar would look pretty on your bedroom wall providing you scraped the name off it.