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Sony Ericcson
16 23%
14 20%
13 19%
14 20%
7 10%
5 7%
Voters: 69.
I have an LG, it's the only type of phone i've had, and so far, it's given me no problems and i like it.
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Samsung is the only way to go...
I've had 3 Samsung phones
and the next one I'm getting in March is also a Samsung
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LG VX(the new one, don't know the #, not a chocolate), i like it pretty well
Motorola E815. It would be perfect if it didnt suddenly freeze when im sending texts or keep restarting when i put the charger in.
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Quote by darcie90
Samsung is the only way to go...
I've had 3 Samsung phones
and the next one I'm getting in March is also a Samsung

i agree. what type of phone do you have? ive had 4 samsungs. right now i have the blackjack and love all the customization you can do.

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I've been having Motorolas all my life, then i discovered how good Sony Ericssons are. I'm on my second SE now, they're a lot better.
A Sony Eriksson, I like it. Chunky buttons.
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I have a crappy Virgin-mobile-branded Kyrocera. It works I guess...
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Motorola KRZR. A lot of my friends hate it cuase they think that they break easily, but ive dropped it like a hundred times and no problems
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A really crap Motorola.
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