im considering selling my dean from hell to get something a bit doifferent its a great guitar but i think i want something a bit less 'metal' as im not really into that anymore. its 1 year old nearly in great condition no scratches or dents including had case which is also in great condition!
rrp: £969
bought for: £800 new
will sell for £750

its an amazing guitar and i'll be sad for it to go but i want something different and cant afford both so its gotta go

will put some pics on in next few days

did i scare you???
If i had the money i'd buy it!
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dude you bought it a year ago and your only knocking 50 quid off?

not gonna happen mate.

If i could buy a guitar for 50 quid more with a warrantee etc from a store then i would.

I think you need to recalculate your prices mate.
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yeah i agree even if in perfect condition it just wont happen mate sry
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