hey guys i just uploaded my first song guitar track up on my profile, can u guys give it a listen and tell me what u think? it s a rough cut. its a metal song
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Work on your timing. To be honest the lead section was pretty bad, and it sounded like you went out of key too many times. I liked the first riff, though.
nice work dude kool tone
however sounds very samish try mixing it up a bit
is that just you or are you a twin guitar act?
if your lead not bad however if your rythem us some power chords ect
gives you a much fuller sound with less gaps
but either way dude very nice work mayte keep up the good work
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Umm, you need to work on your timings quite abit. and think about more of what your playing as a musical composition. for example key signature, accidentals etc.
but for a first attempt not bad!
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