alright i just like literaly signed up for this thing so i really dont know whatim doin but any way i need some questions answered......

1. where can i find the rest of the tabs for another hero lost by shadows fall?

2.is there any other website that is really good 4 downloading guitar pro tabs?

3.is there like a thing on this website that shows videos on how to do licks and stuff?

4.where can i get the right tabs 4 the solo in Dead!

5. i have been playin guitar 4 a year now hardest song i can play is six (the begining ne way) some suggestions on other songs would be helpful
1. search it in the search bar

2. nope this is the best!! better than all the rest!!

3.there are lessons that you can look at to better your guitar playing.

4.again search it

5 i dunno, lol
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