Hi , just bought a laney lc15 for a real good price but as i play a lot of metal would like to get a decent overdrive or distortion pedal for it. however i also think i would make use of delay, reverb, compressor, noise gate and eq.

are there any multi fx pedals out there that do everything i have mentioned quite well?

to buy decent single pedals for all my needs would cost too much i think. my budget is around £120 - £150, thanks
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a chorus pedal, Flanger, tremelo, wah, phaser.

pretty sure theirs a few more!

As for the overdrive. check out the Fulltone OCD, Fulltone fulldrive 2 or TS-9.

Also, seeing as theirs alot of pedals, you will be buying for a long time and the fulltones are sorta ass raping in price!
i think your gunna be stretching it a bit for the price!
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i really think the problem is that i find od/distortion on multi effects sound kinda sterile/lacking. so maybe get a nice disto/od pedal now, and get a multi later. but if you really want a multi, ive heard lots of good stuff about the boss gt-8. dunno the price of it though, so it may or may not be in your range. but i still think that getting a distortion pedal that gets the sound you want is probably a better first step.