send the serial # to jackson and have them find out i guess
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
PRS SE Paul Allender
Peavey 6505+ 112
What does it say on the pickups? Is there text on the pickups or am I just imagining it? O_O
it says duncan designed on the pickups.
heres some more specs
24 fret w/ dot inlays to the side (dunno what you would call that)
licensed floyd rose
bolt on neck
1 vol/1 tone
3 way selector
thats all i know

and i just sent jackson the vin number so hopefully soon i will know
Quote by forevergone48
iduncan designed

Ah that's what I thought it said. We're looking at a Jackson DX10D then (i'm pretty sure). Maybe an older model though - newer one has sharkfin inlays.
yea thats what i was thinkin, but i couldnt find any dx10d w/ the dot inlays
didnt they call them something else before 2004?