idk exactly where to put this because i am asking for help on a music theoryish techinque thing...

ok i had always thought of them as being sort of optional and i ignored them...today when i was working on tender surrender and wind cries mary i reallized that the grace notes are what really makes the emotion come out in the playing...but i dont know how to attack them...

how do you play a grace note? and how do you transition to the primary note (following it)? and also how does it fit into the rhythm of the measure?
you can put them anywhere, as they do not actually take up any rhythmic value in a measure. however, they are extremely useful in 'expressive' playing. instead of a piece sounding mechanical and unsyncopated, you can add grace notes to create movement and feel, etc.
but the thing i dont get is HOW do you play them?

HOW do you play a note with no rhythimic value...i just dont get how that fits into the music without messing it up and how do you make the trasition out do you slide or hammer/pull off or do you pick the primary too?

see its the actually technique i dont get
Grace notes are a lot about feel, so you can experiment with them, in my opinion.
But try to strike the grace note on the beat, and immediately sliding/hammering on to the actual note.
music theory isn't a set of laws, with somethin like this you just gotta sorta feel it. (as far as I know anyway)

listen to the record for when to do it, as for how, if it sound like a slide, then slide, it just depends
The grace note should be played on the beat and it usually lasts for close to the length of a 128th note. You should barely be able to notice the grace note if it played correctly.
Quote by mr. cool
so just like a normal note but hella fast..ok

thats not necceserally correct, grace notes can be at a moderate speed.

Grace notes are used to give a loada feel to the music using slides, bends and hammers/pulls. so basically pick a note i.e D on the A string and use it as the grace not to E on the A string and hammer it.

Sound beautiful if played and used correctly
it can either be on the beat, or just before it
it's usually just before it

when the main note is downpicked (which is the most common thing to do) just hit the grace note with an upstroke before downstroking the main note
(if the main note's pick upward, the grace note's best picked downward) (but don't accentuate it more)

the time it takes before you proceed to the main note is variable. the time it should take is usually notated, but experimenting with it will show you that it can completely change the feel of your line, so the only way to get really known with it is trying everything in as many different contexts (modes, harmonies, feels etc) as you can
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