Sorry, kinda new to all this stuff dealing with tones and all. But what type of amps/pedals and all are generally used to get tones that you see in stuff like canon rock, and stuff Malmsteen plays and the like play? Not trying to specifically play canon rock or anything, but just want that cool kinda metal sounding tone. I'm not even sure what the word for that type of music is, is it neo classical? I'm sure you guys know what type of stuff I'm talking about though
i think you might this thing called a guitar. and then there's this thing called an amp with overdrive. im not completely sure though...
thanks for the sarcasm guys. So I guess just mess around with stuff till I get something I think sounds like it? There's not many specific things they use other than distortion and reverb?
yngwie used vintage strats, vintage marshalls turned up as loud as he could get them with a dod 250 pushing the front end. the biggest thing, you want enough drive to get that liquidy sustain. but you also want a LOT of clarity so everyone can hear all of the notes youre playing.