although this is not my first time writing a song, it is my first time posting it online where people can critique it however they like.

i have mixed feelings about it, but i think its pretty decent, but then again im not an expert at this. you don't have to crit it, but it would be nice if u said you hated it or loved it.

To Rip an Angel’s Wings

It’s an impulse I can’t seem to control
For our skins are just too smooth
A sick obsession with my dark perversion
A quick injection with this blood transfusion

I’m afraid I’m just an instinctive animal
With natural insatiable needs
I am master of this tantalizing art
That you would forbid from me

And to pluck these wings
As fine as they are
And to rip these wings
Beloved they are
And to pluck these wings
Unripe as they are

To ease the misgivings
I bestow upon you the two of things
An angel who sings
And this creature to rip its wings
Look at my avatar and tell me it ain't the cutest baby you've ever seen.