I've somehow ended up with a Marshall super lead 100. I'm certainly not complaining, its an awesome amp, and sounds absolutely cream-worthy when cranked. but thats the problem, hehe, i never play anywhere big enough to crank the beast!

i already knew this would happen, so, having read around i've uncovered two things i could do:

1. buy a power attentuator (such as the Marshall PB100), and that sounds like an alright idea (however will require a bit of saving)

2. get the amp modded, fitting a master volume mod. i know there's a few mods around out there, but just generally want to know what would be the better option...

...help! i love this amp and want to use it to its full extent!
you dont know how you ended up with it?

you probably shouldnt mention it on the internet if you stole it.. just saying
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Check out Weber attenuators

I've heard the Marshall one is crap.
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