I've just got the soundtrack to the film crossroads and absolutely love it. Problem is i can't find any tabs for it so i'm gonna try working some of it out by ear. Am i right in thinking he plays in open g? Also can anyone recommend some of his albums?
the Paris/Texas soundtrack is pretty relaxing...
Search a bit. I know that the tab for Eugene's trick bag (the duel between Karate kid and Steve Vai) is somewhere on this site.
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yes i think he plays in open G.

best albums - chicken skin music, bop till you drop, get rhythm
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Ry Cooder is excellent.Good to see people getting in to him.Album wise try Into the Purple Valley and Chicken Skin Music
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everyone watch buena vista social club right now.

I bought that the other day from Oxfam. I love it, those Cubans are badass.
Yeah I really only know of ry cooder because of his work with BVSC, and I wish he wouldn't play with them. I thought it kind of detracted from the music to have him doing little slide licks everywhere.

I do thank him for bringing them to light though.
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Ry plays in lots of tunings - theres a website somewhere that lists the ones he uses, but I've no idea where it is. But, yes, he does use open G quite a bit. And the man is one of the best musicians around. Even his terrible stuff (aka Bop Til You Drop) is somehow not bad. And his album with V.M. Bhatt blows my mind every time I hear it. To think that an American folk musician could sit down with an Indian classical musician and have that emerge an hour after the two meeting is just incredible. He could play anything.
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Most of the music from Crossroads is listed in the tabs under STEVE VAI. There are several including the COMPLETE duel at the end of the movie. Also these songs are on STEVE VAI's cd.
Meant to also tell you if you enjoy Ry Cooder get the soundtrack from the movie SOUTHERN COMFORT. (Starring Powers Boothe and Keith Carridine. Ry at his best. Also there is a cajun song at the end by a group called the Balfa brothers that is great. AT last but not least Ry also plays the music in the movie "THE LONG RIDERS" with the Keach, Carridine, and Quade brothers.
I'm just now getting into Ry Cooder. Goin to Brownsville is epic
^He did a cover of Dark Was the Night that is epic. And Goin to Brownsville is a Furry Lewis song.
One of my teachers told me to get into Ry Cooder lol. I respected his opinion though 'cuz he listed Taj Mahol, John Lee Hooker and Cab Calloway as his favorite musicians. But then I looked up Ry Cooder and it didn't appear to be blues to me so I became afraid. I guess I still should probably get into his stuff based on the glowing reviews in this thread.
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I love Ry Cooder. I actually met him once at a Jazz club in Zurich. It was really strange but cool. His slide playing is amazing. He did the slide for The Stones' "let it Bleed" and Sister Morphine," which I love to pieces.
Good, we need more Blues tabs on UG....

I can't figure stuff out by ear yet... and can't find blues tabs except Stevie Ray.
If you like Blues/Rock then add me as a friend. I need to talk to some Blues/Rock Musicians and need reccomendations.
^That sucks. I usually just figure stuff out by ear or look at chord charts.
Man, I've just started getting into Ry Cooder and I absolutely love his stuff. I wanted to improve my slide guitar so I started taking a some lessons from a really good player I know and he turned me on to Ry. Album-wise, the only two I have, both of which I love, are Into The Purple Valley and Boomer's Story. Boomer's Story is excellent, btw, and frankly, I really need to listen to Purple Valley a lot more.
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A buddy lent me the album Jazz by Ry Cooder, haven't listened to it yet but I'm looking forward to it.
The self titled album