I've been thinkin of starting playing guitars, and I've looked through many brands and such, and it seems like people think that a BC Rich Warlock is a bad idea. I've been told that an Ibanez RG321 is a good one, and I've also looked at an ESP Viper-50. I like bands such as Rammstein, Lordi, Gwar, SOAD, and bands of that sort. Most of those bands use ESP's, which seem to be the best pick for the type of music. My biggest problem is my budget, as I'm willing to up to about 250$ to buy one. Note that I have no guitar experience, and any tips would be appreciated!
You should go down to Guitar center and try the instruments and see what is best for you. Those Vipers are good, though my friend has a 500 so I dunno how good the 50 is.
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There is nothing better than a fender stratocaster.
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ibanez grx20, great beginner guitar 200$, or even less

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usually best to start off with something cheap incase you don't stick with playing guitar.

true, true

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go for an iceman ic-300, amazing guitar, good cheap price, daron malakians (SOADS guitarist) favorite guitar type =) it has an amazing sound that no other guitars have also.