Ok, I rarely ask for this type of stuff, as I don't usually care about getting the pro's sounds. However, I've just recently been listening to Metallica's black album again (it's been a few years)...So my question is: What effects or whatever is Kirk using for that harmonized solo on Misery? It seems to be sustained throughout and there isn't really much attack. I used to have a microsynth, and that didn't seem to do the trick. Anybody know? Oh, and it's kinda the same thing I was looking for in another thread about the beginning to Jason Becker's "Mable's Fatal Fable." Not talking about the whammy bar part, but the actual sound/tone there. Maybe it's just layered tracks and studio magic, but I'd like to know because that is the perfect sound for one of my original solos. Thanks in advance.
Rule of thumb, Kirk uses wah.
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The song is called "My Friend of Misery". Downloading bad, mmkay?

Could be a whammy set to fifths/octave up?

The non-harmonized solo has chorus and wah, obviously.
Downloading bad? Que? I have the actual cd, but not the case. Forgot it was called My Friend of Misery. Aside from a harmonizer (which I'm just assuming he layered tracks) any idea on the tone?
I haven't looked at my tab book for this recently, but I'm pretty sure it had this listed as two separate parts that are layered. I don't think the notes were simply pitch-shifted either, it was a different pattern.
i appreciate everyone's input, but you guys are misunderstanding me. I know that it is harmonized. I'm not trying to do that part. It's the tone, the sound, the attack, the color if you will, that I am looking for. I don't want to be able to play that part, I want that sound. It sounds kinda synthy, but I know that Kirk uses a guitar and some sort of effect. The effect is what I'm after. Not the harmonization.
doh. I listened to it again, sort of reminds me of some parts of dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames, maybe you can look up their gear. Just a thought, but maybe boost your mids and play around with a wah pedal, where you just set it and leave it in position.