im putting in a new non tremolo bridge on my guitar so i have two questions,
would putting wood filler in a few holes be strong enough to hold down some screws to a new bridge or not?

more importantly,
i asked a question before about the wire thats connected to the bridge in the back of the guitar and whether it was important or not and what i should do with it as in, should i just leave it connected just without the springs or is it ok to take it out

the answer was
If you don't like the hole in the back of the guitar, you'd have to fill it up with a block of wood, use a filler to make it seamless and then paint. Does it have a cover plate?

As for the wire, that's the ground and it's got to be connected to the bridge. In my bass guitar (non trem) it has a hole drilled diagonally from the middle of the bridge through to the cavity with the tone and volume pots, and the wire's fed through it. I suspect you'd have to do that

i didnt understand exactly what he meant, its a long question sorry but any help wouuld be nice
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The ground wire is there for safety purposed (and often to protect components) and if grounded properly, it should stop you getting shocked. Essentially, it provides somewhere for excess current to go so that it doesn't go through you.
The ground wire on a guitar will connect to the bridge (and because the bridge conducts, it is therefore also connected to the strings), although on a standard strat trem it connects to the plate at the back of the guitar. Because the springs and trem are all conductive, it's still basically grounding to the bridge. Sorry if this explanation is a little off, Physics was a long time ago. But the description of the ground doesn't really matter - point is, you do need it there.

Therefore, if you want to remove the trem, you just make sure that the ground is in contact with the new bridge. On my bass guitar (P-bass body) you've got the cavity for the jack and tone/volume pots to the side of the bridge, and underneath the bridge is a hole drilled diagonally into the cavity. The ground runs from the volume pot (I think), through the hole and touches the bridge. If you want to replace a strat trem with a hardtail, you'll need to do something similar - drill a narrow hole underneath the bridge through to the cavity where the ground wire starts, and feed it through so that it is making contact.

As for wood filler holding screws, you'd be better off filling the holes by getting pieces of tooth picks, dipping them in glue and filling the hole, then trimming them and put the new screws into that. I'm not sure if it would be strong enough to hold the bridge though, as I expect a lot of tension is put on them. I'd do it that way anyway though, personally.
lol sorry for not getting the explanation before yea i get it now thanks for taking the time to answer again
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