I got the TAD Silencer attenuator last week and today is the third day I played with it. I played for about an hour with the volume high enough to make it break. I didn't overdo it though. Just 10-15% after the point were it breaks. I switched between the different channels quite often (I play a JSX) and I didn't realize exactly when it happened, but suddenly it just didn't break anymore. I tried it at higher volumes for a short time and I couldn't get it to break no matter what I tried. I checked the front where all the EQ controls are and it wasn't even hot. Just kinda warm. I don't get it. What happened?

One minute I'm playing with power amp saturations and the next it's impossible to get it. It still sounds exactly as before, just that I can't saturate the tubes anymore. So what the **** is going on there???
The attenuattor is new and I got the amp 1,5 year ago. Haven't cranked it until last weekend when I got the attenuator.
The amp was new. I just don't understand how the amp can sound exactly as before, just that it doesn't break. I mean, shouldn't a bad tube alter the sound in some way, too? I don't know much about physics, but I don't understand why the amp's sound didn't change a bit, though the tubes can't be satured anymore!?
erm... hello? This is afaik the biggest guitar forum in the internet. Can nobody answer this question? I wanna know what's wrong with my amp and if I need to get new tubes or not. Can't anyone answer!?
it doesn't sound like it makes sense to me. What do you mean, break? Break up?
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oh, yeah, I mean break up. Sorry, I'm German. Doesn't make sense to me either. That's why I'm asking. I don't have any experience with this, but from what I know about amps and physics in general this shouldn't happen oO
So you say it sounds the exact same, but it won't overdrive? I take it you've fiddled thoroughly with all the knobs?
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Could it be something to do with the preamp gain level? I've turned my JCM900 up to nine on the master volume and had the preamp level at about 1.5 and it sounded pretty much clean. There was the tiniest bit of break-up, but that was it.
Nope, nothing with the settings. I put the attenuator on max, then, for just a very short time, I put Master and Channel on 9 and gain on 5 -> nothing.

Also I knew the break-up point from when it still worked. I knew exactly at which settings the tubes would be saturated. I even considered settings like presence and treble (they do make you sound louder after all) but nothing worked. It's simply impossible to make it break-up now.

edit: It also sounded louder when I turned it past what would usually be the break-up point. So the Power Amp Tubes were definetly working harder, which is even more confusing to me.
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on maximun attenuation. Before, I used it at -14dB but to test if I could get power tube saturation at any level I used maximum attenuation and put the volume even higher than before.
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Maximum attenuation does tend to kill your tone so maybe thats the problem?
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No. It alters your tone, but it doesn't make PT saturation (I'm sick of spelling it out :p) impossible. I also tried it with the -14dB setting and higher volume than usually. It can't be a settings thing. I used EXACTLY the same settings as before, but even with higher volume as before they wouldn't break up. I guess this problem really is unique and doesn't make any sense