So it seems that rack setups have recently become insanely popular again, and it seems that a lot of artists are using the TC G (major, sharp, etc.) Effects Processor in their rack. Does anyone on UG own one of these? I'm curious how this sounds, and what effects it can do. Could someone post some clips?

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In regards to G-Major...

I don't have any clips, but I plan on getting this VERY soon. I tried one out at Long and McQuade a few weeks ago, everything seemed awesome. The chorus's and flangers's and other modulation effects were perfect for me, not overbearing, but still noticible. The controllable parameters of each effect is ridiculous too, you can control almost everything in it. Plus, rack effects are so much more practical than having like 6 pedals, so screw tap-dancing.. get the G-Major and be done with it.
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yea, i thought it i go rack, i could use the G-Major for the majority of my effects, control it all with midi, and just mess around with expression pedals (wah, whammy, rotovibe, etc).
I've never gotten to test one out, but Jim Adkins from Jimmy Eat World has started using one in front of his AC30CC, so I asked him how he liked it:

it is pretty rad. i never have messed around with rackmount processors before. it isn't like a line 6 though. you will have to take a minute to program in everything. but throw in a midi foot controller ( i am using a tech-21nyc midi-moose) and you are styling. no more staring down at a mess of pedals, wondering where to start trouble-shooting which patch cable is bad.


I was a bit leery at first, but Jim is a tone freak so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt .
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
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Yeah, I'm all rack-mount right now. I bought a G•Major for $369 at Guitar Center, and I really like it. Some may prefer pedals for certain effects, but I'm very happy with the what the G•Major does, and don't really plan to buy any another pedals. In fact, I actually don't even own any pedals! One of the G•Major's strong points is its clean, quiet, transparent signal processing. Plus, it has a very capable noise gate built-in as well (to tame any other noisy equipment in your signal path).

Also, I found most of the factory presets quite usable, so you can start having fun with it right after you take it out of the box and plug it in. As far as programming goes, I think the G•Major interface is very simple and straightforward, and doesn't require reading the manual in-depth at all to be able to start playing around with any of the settings. If you don't like what you've messed with, hit the "recall" button, and the original preset settings are restored.

I started a UG G•Major users' thread here:

TC Electronic G•Major Multieffects Users Thread

But so far, I'm the only one who's ever posted there! Anyway, I ramble a bit more about it there. Oh yeah, I have a three clips posted online in my profile here (click avatar), where I've used the G•Major's effects:

• Track 21: Acid [G•Major "Detuned" preset]
• Track 19: Pain [G•Major "Detuned" preset + post-added reverb]
• Track 17: Fail [G•Major "Sus4 Dreamscape" preset]

No other pedals or effects were used.
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i heard of some "freezing" problems.... the unit just freezes and refuses to work...

any comments about this?
Yeah, I saw those posts too. But weren't those posts like two years old? I haven't experienced the "freezing" problem at all. Maybe they've updated the firmware since then. Also, the knobs, although seemingly kinda light-duty, haven't failed either. The unit has been pretty reliable so far. Plus, I bought mine at a retail Guitar Center, and they beat their own internet price. If you can get to a Guitar Center, then buy it there; then, if you have any problems (within 30 days), they'll just give you another one.
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I've got one, I love it. It's frozen on me at 2 gigs though. However, that's two out of 10 that I've had it. It hasn't done so for the last 7 gigs.

However, I don't feel it's gig sturdy, and more suited for studio use. However, if you can find a great rack case, like I did, then you'll be fine.
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Awesome. Thanks guys. I'm upgrading my setup from a ****ty Marshall MG, and i'm hoping to use a rack setup this time cuz everyone raves about them).

BTW, Level, i'm sorry i posted a similar question in your thread on the ENGL. Disregard that question about the G-Major then.