Ok i got this guitar a couple of months ago from my local music shop, its a second hand guitar that the guy at the shop said it was probly made in the 80's. anyways, its a Hondo Formula 1 series guitar and i have googled for ever and have found nothing about it. it is a randy rhoads/Alexi laiho style v with a tradtional whammy its got dimarzio single coils in the neck and middle positions and a humbucker in the bridge. 5 way selector switch, single volume knob and 2 tone knobs(i think) and grover tuners. the only thing i found out about the company is that the were known for start copies and when i google this guitar all i get is a bunch of strat copies. any information would be greatly appreciated. Unfourtunately i dont have a pic of my guitar but i found on that looks pretty close to it but it has the opposite v shape of mine if u can understand that with a different finish hope that will help

Hondo was just a cheapy guitar brand from awhile back that made copies, your's sounds pretty nice.
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