I'm thinking of getting a crate palomino V32 class A tube amp. The 1x12 version is $500 and the 2x12 is $600. I don't want an amp that's too heavy. I mainly just practice and play metal, rock, and jazz. I want a good tone with no buzz. All help appreciated.
The second speaker will give you less speaker distortion, which would be nice.
I'd go for the 212.
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The 2x12 will have more throw and generally sound bigger. I'd get that if it's within your reach.
It's not class A, btw. Not that it matters.
The 1x12" makes sence if you're just practicing and jamming. The rythem guitarist in the cover band I'm in has it, and it's really a delightfully playable and portable amp. You can always add a 2x12" cab later if you need the projection!
I like portability, and a little bit of speaker distortion, so I'd choose the 1x12. It's personal preference though.
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